Evergreen Hydroponics
Contact: Marvin and Melisa Hege
Address: 7287 Andora Rd. NE Mechancstown, OH, 44651
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Phone: 330-324-8946
About Us

We are a young family who decided to start up a hydroponics greenhouse operation. Lettuce salad is a family favorite. Good, flavorful, healthy lettuce is a must for good salad. Additives shouldn't have to make a salad taste good.
Hydroponics is the answer to year round, locally grown, quality, fresh lettuce. Our lettuce is grown as cleanly as possible, keeping the use of inputs to a minimum. Eat all you want and know you are eating healthy! It is harvested and packaged with some roots still attached. That is where the term 'living lettuce' comes from. The lettuce has a 3 week shelf life because it is still living in the container. It is very crisp and tasty.
Our greenhouse is geared toward controlling the environment of our plants. Nutrients are monitored around the clock to provide consistent minerals to the plants. Tempreature and humidity are monotired at all times to keep the atmosphere fresh, and consistent-fans,vents, and cooling wall are all automatically adjusted. Circulation fansare running to keep air moving everywhere all the time to prevent stale pockets which would encourage poor plant health. LED grow lights add day light to make up for short winter days and cloudy days. Our insect exclusion system keeps insects from entering through doors or vents.
We welcome you to find out for yourself how good this lettuce is and welcome your comments and feedback!
Demand the Best! Demand Fresh! And Eat Healthy!
-Marvin and Melisa Hege and family
Our non-gmo lettuce is as cleanly as possible with the minimum inputs to give you a safe, healthy product.