Baker's Golden Dairy
Contact: The Baker Family
Address: 46761 Carter Road New Waterford, OH, 44445
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Phone: 330-227-9716
About Us
Kevin and Debbie married in June of 1981. Through hard work and dedication, they began expanding their farm. They had four children who also shared a love for farming. After milk prices continued to yo-yo, Kevin decided he wanted to take matters into his own hands. It has always been a long time dream of Kevin's to bottle and sell his own milk right off the farm. So in early 2010, the plans began.

After purchasing bottling equipment and finalizing the blueprints, ground was broken for the plant. After a long winter of hard work and preparation, bottling began in June 2011. After numerous trial runs and state inspections, Baker's Golden Dairy passed with flying colors.

It is our goal to serve our local community by providing a high-quality product. A product that is fresh, local, and full of nutrition. Our milk is sold "like it used to be". One of only three on-farm bottling plants in the state of Ohio, Baker's Golden Dairy will continue to strive for excellence through good old-fashioned hard work on the farm.
Our milk is pasteurized but not homogenized!

The milk is vat pasteurized meaning a lower temperature pasteurization is used compared to the larger companies. Therefore, this helps keep the milk in it's natural state!

When milk is homogenized, the larger fat content is broken down and dispersed throughout the milk. Homogenization makes milk easy to process, store, and consume. The cream does not rise to the top so homogenization eliminates the need to shake it before drinking.

However, your body breaks down non-homogenized milk much faster. The enzymes that help you digest have not been denatured. Your body breaks it down faster, and uses the vitamins and nutrients more efficiently.

Also, some who are lactose intolerant say that they can drink our milk without a problem. Perhaps this is because it's all-natural and not homogenized. It may not be okay for everyone who is lactose intolerant, but it's worth a sip!