Laughing Crow Farms
Contact: Kimberly Lowery
Address: 1306 St. Rt. 7 NE Brookfield, OH, 44403
Email Address:
Phone: 330-550-6369
About Us
The goal of Laughing Crow Farm is to produce wholesome, natural and sustainable products.
It is a small, family-run farm consisting of Kim and her three daughters. Each one has a specialty. Alex, the oldest, is the poultry expert and “chicken whisperer.” Danielle, the second oldest, is the baking specialist. The youngest daughter, Jessica, grows herbs and vegetables and helps with soap making.
Laughing Crow Farm provides organically and sustainably grown fruits, vegetables, and flowers, fruits, berries, pastured poultry, free range eggs, handmade soaps and assorted baked and processed goods.