Lake to River Food Cooperative
Address: 1221 Elm Street Youngstown, OH, 44505
Email Address:
Phone: 330-360-0648
About Us
The Lake to River Food Cooperative offers an innovative shopping experience for people interested in exceptional, locally sourced foods.
The artisanal quality each product embodies reflects the passion and dedication our growers and producers have made to good food.

It is our mission to share their stories and products with you!

Launched just a little over a year ago, we are excited at the growth the Online Market is experiencing. We see the potential this service has to supply busy households with a time-saving alternative to shopping off all the wonderful farms and small-food businesses we are fortunate to have in our region.
Connect to good food, visit to sign up with a free shopping account, or join as a member to enjoy an additional 10% off your purchases.

We look forward to serving our community quality food for years to come!
The Lake to River Co-op works with all types of local growers and processors from all over Northeast Ohio. Each producer has their own, unique business model and growing practices. Visit each producer page by simply clicking on their business name to discover the color and vibrancy they contribute to our regional food system!