Lucky Penny Farm Creamery
Contact: Abbe Turner
Address: 632 Temple Ave Kent, OH, 44240
Email Address:
Phone: 330-715-4140
About Us
Lucky Penny Farm is a special place where art, agriculture, and family intersect. Although it exists for us as century home and family farm in Ohio, its just as much a state of mind dedicated to food, family, living simply and sustainably and using our hands for good work- in the kitchen, in the garden, in the studio and in our community.
Like many small farmers in this country today, a percentage of our income is made off site at work we find enjoyable and important. But it is the time spent at the creamery or farm with the children, goats and gardens we find most centering, meaningful and memorable. We are always seeking balance between life away from and on the farm. Some days this is easier than others. Currently we raise Nubian, La Mancha and Alpine Dairy Goats, make artisan cheese, produce a delicious caramel sauce, Cajeta, and try to grow an increasing amount of the food we put on our family table.
Our milk is free of antibiotics, pesticides, preservatives and bovine growth hormones (BGH), although the farm and creamery are not certified as organic.